Health Insurance for Employers

Misner Benefits takes a very hands on, customer focused approach to providing your organization with an employee benefits solution that makes sense for you and your employees.  As a broker representing multiple companies, our loyalty is to our clients and not the carriers.   We feel there are three steps to a well executed benefits package.

Step 1 - Meeting and Analysis

Initial meeting and market analysis where we discuss all the viable options and zero in on those which make sense to your organization.  Not just ‘what’ plan but ‘why’ that plan compared the rest of the market.  We discuss employee/employer contribution levels and how best to communicate to employees.

Step 2 - Employee Meetings and Education

Changing or offering new insurance to employees can be overwhelming, Especially fielding the questions day to day on how the insurance is supposed to work.  We provide the education and support your employees need to ensure they get the best care and are knowledgable about what coverage they are entitled to.

Step 3 & Beyond - Continued Support

Ongoing customer support after implementation.  “To err is human but to really foul things up takes an insurance company!”.  We have a ‘call us and we’ll call you when its fixed’ approach to servicing our clients.

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